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Where is your ORDER Button?

With more and more folks preferring to use Contactless Mobile Ordering systems, are you being left behind?

  • Can't afford the monthly fees or development costs for your own app?
  • Don't want to pay a % of Every Order?
  • Tried one that didn't work out?
  • Did they Nickel and Dime you to Death?
  • Tired of companies that Over Promise and Under Deliver?

It's time for you to take a look at a system that is breaking the mold.
Get the facts, decide if you wish to talk further on how we can Turn Your Business Around.

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We have TWO systems to Help Your Business while SAVING you a LOT of money.


Time to 'Turn Your Business Around' with your OWN Online Ordering System. It's the most powerful and least expensive system available without any of the downside found in typical online ordering systems, yet it includes many features they can't offer.


If you are using a Restaurant Delivery App now, and it doesn't matter which one, you are simply being ripped off. How does a Flat Rate of just $2.00 per delivery sound?

This site primarily covers OrderDIRECT™. For more information on our revolutionary restaurant delivery system see SnapDelivered™.

Meet John

Your Own System

~Virtually Any Retail Business.
~Restaurants manage take-out, delivery and curbside pickup.
~You focus on your business, we focus on the technology.
~We set it up and turn it over to you.
~You have log-in rights to make your own changes and updates.
~You have Total Control.
~Flat fee, NO commissions to third party apps.
~Uses your payment system, no waiting on the money.
~Works for virtually Any retail business.
~Includes an After the Sale Retargeting Marketing system.
~Includes a Loyalty Program.
~Includes an Analytics system. 
~Can even include your own Mobile Website.
~No other system can match our price point.

And that's just the beginning.

With OrderDIRECT™ you Manage take-out and delivery orders from your own app.

Focus on your business while we focus on the technology.

TURN Things Around!

Increase Sales

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, orders placed via a restaurant app are on average $4 higher compared to those placed in restaurants.

Reduce Costs

Why pay high commission to someone when you can let customers order through your own app? Forget all those extra fees and commissions, when you have your own app they all go away.

Delight Customers

Send personalized offers with a customer’s name on it.
Offer loyalty points, coupons and rewards for orders.
Satisfy customers with improved delivery speed and quality.


Choose your Smarter Mobile App style

Smarter Mobile App
When you add this feature to your system, you get log-in rights to have total control. This is Drag-n-Drop technology that will take your marketing to new levels.
Increase Sales
Basic System
Even if all you want is the basic online ordering platform, you WILL increase your business.
Return Customers
Loyalty and Retargeting
Unlike other systems, we include both a Loyalty program and a Retargeting system to bring those customers back again and again.

How about an Unfair Advantage?

Why the above point important?

Apps are Dying!

The VAST Majority of systems out there are based upon an App which requires a Download and Installation. These apps all compete against each other and fewer and fewer folks will download an app. Even when there is an incentive, folks will download only to claim the incentive but immediately uninstall after they have their perk.

Google says Apps are Dying. Watch the video.

Our system is a Smarter Progressive Web App and it's already on their phone. No download, just point and click.

It's Time

Get all the Facts

So Far

You have only seen a basic introduction. Perhaps it's time to get all the facts to help you make the decision if it's time to "Turn Your Business Around" with AppTUR®.